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"Kym and Kristine get dirty. They get muddy, too!"
deadpool  11 days ago

Kym, Kristine, and a large pit of clay. Normally, that's all you would need. Add Kristine's 'toy' the Magic Bullet and the two ladies turn it up many notches. Highly recommended.

"Nikko smoking hot."
maddog51  4/21/18

You had me at Nikko & mud Nikko is the bomb. I just wish a lot of the scenes started off with no clothes.

"Very deep, very muddy, very good, except the music."
ccmucky  8/10/16

Love the scene. Here is the deal. The sounds of the mud is like music and therefore none is needed at the beginning and or end. The more sounds of splats, moans and groans and struggles will sell more videos. Talking should be minimal, although this scene was great, ditch the music the girls and mud sold the scene even before I bought the musical parts.

"Awesome! :p"
RelientkFTW  6/17/16

Another great video from Paris Kennedy! The way she moves in the clay/mud and the way it looks on her is just... idk I am at a loss for words lol. definitely check this one out.

"Just Amazing! :D"
RelientkFTW  6/16/16

First video I purchased as I am new to this site and discovered it only by accident. I've got to say Paris rocks! Idk I just really like her voice and the stuff she says and the way she moves through the video haha. Great video I definitely recommend it, but hey what do I know lol.

"I loved it when Odette was naked and completely covered in clay."
Garth  5/21/16

This video is so freaking sexy. I loved every second of it. A naked woman in a mud (or clay) puddle is such a turn-on. And so is a woman in a slime pool. I'd love to see Odette do that next time. She should also completely submerge herself. There wasn't much submerging but was otherwise hot. I must see more.

"Not what you expect"
ltr...96  12/15/15

This video is nothing special... No action, no atmosphere, nothing that makes me think to have bought a good one.

The 2 girls are nothing special in acting.

"Nice model, she goes all the way down, but."
shallie  8/2/15

High-quality footage, well-mixed audio, and the model did a great job. The clay looked really soft.

However, the presentation could have used some work. First, when she spoke to the viewer, she made it plainly obvious that she knew it was a porno. Second, she kept talking about how she was going to "miss this place." As if she was turned on by the prospect of drowning in a pit of clay. I would have preferred if she focused on enjoying how the mud felt on her body, rather than on how she was excited about dying, basically. Further, once she comes back up (which kind of flies in the face of what happened before), she spends 4 minutes getting the mud off, while this awkward "smooth jazz" elevator music plays in the background. Nice video, but I will probably watch it with the sound off in the future. Next time, I hope they have someone who just enjoys bathing in deep mud, rather than one who has a death wish.

"Kristine going down."
windscorpion  2/23/11

Very thick mud. Kristine has to struggle a bit to get under. Another great close up at the end.

"Amazing model, wonderful clay, but poor second angle."
nick_mi  9/3/10

I have been a fan of the image set based off this video since way back in the MPV Stuff FTP days. Seeing that the video was now in a download store, I had to go for it.

The clay is super thick and ultra smooth, no lumps or globs like some thick clays. It seems to stick to Brandi like a huge gown covering the whole pit, like its all one piece reacting together. Brandi's movements are slow and seductive, every move is for a reason.

The video switches between two angles, sometimes a bit too frequently, but not enough to be annoying. The first angle is excellent quality, be it for today or 2000 when this video was first shot. The second angle, unfortunately, is lower quality video, rather grainy and with poor white balance. I almost question if it would be better to have the whole movie from a single angle, rather than having the low quality angle interspersed.

Background music is very tolerable, nothing too annoying. When Brandi moans and slops the clay about you can easily hear. I don't know that any flies were present, as they commonly are at outdoor mud pit scenes, but the music did a good job at covering their annoying buzzes if they were.

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